♻️$ALTT Economy

The Backbone of the Altcoinist Ecosystem

Introduction to the $ALTT Economy

$ALTT Token Utility

$ALTT is a vital component of the Altcoinist ecosystem, serving as the key to unlocking a suite of exclusive and engaging features. By the use of $ALTT utility token, users gain privileged access to a variety of specialized functionalities..

  • Token-Gated Communities: $ALTT provides entry for followers to private communities where creators can engage with their members. These token-gated spaces foster deeper connections and more personalized interactions between creators and their audience.

  • Community Staking Pools: Enables member participation in community staking pools.

  • Creator Utility NFTs: Access to Creator Utility NFTs that include specific benefits such as special content, behind-the-scenes access to creators, and exclusive interactions.

  • Enhanced Features Access: It unlock additional features such as advanced analytics tools, special branding opportunities, and unique promotional mechanisms within the Altcoinist platform, enabling creators to optimize their engagement, visibility and growth potential.

In summary, the $ALTT utility token is designed to empower creators by providing access to a broad range of exclusive features and benefits.

Monetization for Creators

  • Token Gated Communities: Creators can monetize their presence and content through Token-Gated Communities, employing Monthly, Yearly, and Lifetime Access on-chain subscription models. This approach provides followers with active and varied engagement options, enabling creators to offer exclusive content and interactions in an exclusive, members-only environment.

  • Creator Utility NFTs: In addition to traditional subscription models, creators can generate revenue through exclusive Utility NFTs. These NFTs provide holders with special benefits beyond digital content, such as access to unique experiences, personalized interactions, or limited-edition merchandise. This not only diversifies the creator's revenue streams but also enhances the value offered to their community.

  • Brand Partnerships: A Creator's Community Staking Pool offers brands transparency into a community's strength and engagement, helping the creator in securing additional deals, and unleashing the true network effect potential of a creators community.

  • On-Chain Affiliates: Adopting a strategy similar to successful SaaS models, creators can now utilize on-chain affiliate links. These links can be generated by their audience to promote their community more effectively and enables creators to reward audience loyalty while simultaneously driving brand growth.

Revenue Distribution

  • To the Creator: 80% of the revenue goes directly to creators, rewarding their active role in producing content and engaging with the community.

  • To the Community Staking Pools: 12% is pooled in the creator's community staking pool, enhancing participation and collaboration within the community.

  • To the Altcoinist Ecosystem: 8% goes to the Altcoinist Ecosystem

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