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A New Model: TVL Based - Community Staking Pools

Beyond Metcalf’s Law to Reed’s Law

Altcoinist’s Community Staking Pools signify a crucial evolution, harnessing the potent synergy among creators, their brands, and communities. Grounded in Total Value Locked (TVL), these pools catalyze a vibrant ecosystem brimming with engaged participants eager to amplify the influence and reach of both individual creators and their collective communities. Our strategy transcends traditional network effects encapsulated by Metcalf's Law, venturing into the realm of Reed’s Law, where the value of a collective network exponentially grows with the formation of interconnected groups and communities within the network. This paradigm shift ensures that creators and their communities not only coexist but flourish together, underpinned by mutual success and collaborative prosperity.

Transforming Revenue Sharing

Altcoinist's Creator Specific Community Staking Pools redefine the dynamics of revenue sharing, offering a transparent, equitable framework that benefits both creators and their communities alike:

Benefits for Creators:

  • Enhanced Market Visibility: Creators with high TVLs display an economically robust community, drawing in new members, brand partnerships, and enhanced deal flow. This heightened visibility establishes creators as key opinion leaders (KOLs) within their niches, unlocking access to a wide range of opportunities.

  • Incentivized Community: The integration of an active, financially incentivized community with a creator's brand success creates a powerful feedback loop. This engagement solidifies the creator-audience bond and accelerates community growth through flywheel effects.

Benefits for Members/Stakers:

  • Community Rewards: Beyond the enriching tapestry of shared insights and connection between members typically found in a vibrant community, stakers can now enjoy significant financial incentives. This additional layer enhances the overall community experience, fostering a deeper, more meaningful connection among its members.

  • Rewards for Early & Long-term Stakers: The distribution of pool rewards through a Logarithmic Weighted system ensures that early stakers with prolonged support receive the highest recognition and rewards. This method promotes early and sustained engagement, strengthening the bond between creators and their communities across time.

Mechanics & Distribution

  • Standardized Revenue Sharing: By dedicating 12% of a creator's income to their community pool, we emphasize the value of community contributions and ensure shared incentives.

  • Quadratic Weighting: This approach to distribution champions fairness, making rewards accessible to all community members.

  • S-Curve Distribution: Rewards commitment and early participation, cultivating a culture of loyalty and long-term growth.

A Digital Community Renaissance

The creator staking pool is a framework for a reimagined creator economy that values shared economic incentives and the full realization of network effects. In this future, creators leverage their economic influence alongside their creative talent, and community members actively shape the financial narratives they are part of. This heralds a future where shared prosperity isn't just an ideal but a standard.

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