A New Model: TVL Based Creator Staking Pools
A groundbreaking revenue-sharing model where subscribers can support content creators by staking on them. This mechanism cultivates a direct monetary relationship between creators and their subscribers. Substaking fosters a cooperative economic landscape, innovating the engagement dynamics between creators and subscribers. This revolutionizes creator-subscriber interactions and sets a precedent for a more inclusive and equitable creator economy.


  • Creators can initiate the Substaking mechanism to allow their subscribers to stake $ALTT tokens on the creator's profile.
  • Substaking serves dual purposes:
    1. 1.
      Creators gain popularity based on their content and their profile's total value locked (TVL), enhancing their profile visibility and market demand for their premium content.
    2. 2.
      Substakers earn a portion of the revenue generated by the creator.

Mechanics & Distribution:

  • Quadratic weighting to promote decentralization.
  • Time-scaled through an S-curve, rewarding both early and long-term staking.
  • Substaking Pool (TVL) : Subscribers who stake their $ALTT tokens on the creator's profile staking pool receive 12% of the earnings from the revenue generated by the creator.


In summary, Altcoinist's Web3 Economy Framework is engineered to harmonize quality research with equitable economic incentives. Our structured approach ensures that both researchers and supporters are aligned in their objectives, fostering a sustainable and rewarding economic environment. As we delve deeper into the decentralized financial era, this framework not only serves as our operational blueprint but also as an invitation to creators and consumers to participate in a robust, transparent, and collaborative crypto-economic ecosystem.
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