Incentivizing active user involvement in the novel creator ecosystem

Airdrop Initiative for Early Users

Altcoinist plans to use 20% of its total token supply, 200 million $ALTT tokens, to reward early consumers and content creators.

A Fresh Approach: Points-Based Airdrop Program

Altcoinist builds further on a Points-Based Airdrop Program by transforming airdrops from mere token disbursements into engaging, value-driven activities.
  • After the launch of the Main Platform, in set intervals, a predetermined amount of points will be distributed to users.
  • These points, accumulated during our Launch Phase, will unlock special privileges as Altcoinist transitions into its full-fledged version.
Criteria Flexibility:
  • The point allocation criteria will be dynamic to keep the engagement lively, rewarding - and mitigate fraudulent activities.
  • Open only to eligible participants.